Month: June 2017

Stahlman Point Trail

A great little hike in the foothills of the Cascades in Oregon.
To get there take hwy 22 East from Salem, towards Bend. Go through Detroit and turn right onto Blowout Rd. Head down Blowout road for 3.7 miles and the trail head is on the left. The lot is fairly small, with space for only 4-5 vehicles. I did this hike on a late Friday afternoon, the weekend of Memorial day and I only ran into 3 groups of hikers. This is an out and back trail. It’s not too rough at only 4.1 miles but you do gain 1,433′. The trail is well defined and pretty smooth most of the way.

The trail winds up through the forest with views mostly of old growth trees. Once you’re about halfway up the trail you’ll start to spot Detroit Lake through the trees. The last quarter mile its the biggest climb and the last coupe feet to the top is a little rocky and may be a little difficult if raining.

Once at the top there is a small flat landing where a fire lookout once stood. Looking to the East you’ll have an incredible view of Mt. Jefferson, and looking to the West you’ll have a great view of Detroit Lake, so make sure to do this little hike on a clear day. The top offers some great spots to sit and have lunch so make sure to haul some goodies up the trail. Seriously though don’t forget to bring a sandwich like I did, or you quite possibly will be thinking about sandwiches this entire hike. Looking at beautiful Detroit Lake, thinking about sandwiches. Looking at snowy Mt.Jefferson, containing drool over sandwich thoughts.

This trail is also good for dogs so don’t leave the fur thing at home. There are quite a few chipmunks hanging out off this trail and I’m not sure if you know, but they make the craziest noise. Stay calm, if you hear  a screaming bird like noise and then some scurrying.. its just a chipmunk. I’m curious how they are they even able to make this noise.
And if I make this noise, will they come to me?

Food for thought.

God’s Thumb Trail

A short but beautiful hike on the Oregon Coast. This hike can be a little confusing to find, but worth it in the end.

To get here: Take hwy 22 west from Salem towards the coast, continue on hwy 18 through Grand Ronde. Follow signs for hwy 101 south towards Lincoln City. Once in Lincoln City, turn right on Logan Road at the light. Follow Logan Road, passing Road’s End State Park. Follow Logan until it nearly comes to an end, before it turns right. Use the large cul-de-sac like space to turn around and park somewhere along the road. Parking can be a pain in the ass, and if you’re unlucky you might have to park at Road’s End. Be aware though as there are No Parking signs in some areas.

The driveway on the right says “this is not the trail head” That is accurate. Head down the gravel driveway on the left.

The driveway on the right says “this is not the trail head” That is accurate, and typically had a closed gate. You’ll want to head down the driveway on the left. A little bit down the driveway is a gate, which is sometimes closed but you can go around. Head up the gravel and you’ll see a path on the right, this is the trail. If you go a little further there is another path on the right, you can take this one too, they meet up after 100 yards or so.

Gate is sometimes closed, but you can go around.
Small foot path on the right, this is the trail.

This is a short 1.6 mile out and back trail. I did this hike last week, it has been sunny with no rain for a few weeks. The mud on this trail is unreal. I was told it would be muddy, but I swear to god they are hauling this shit in and dumping it here. Like how is this even happening? Are they having mud parties? I can’t even begin to understand. Needless to say bring waterproof boots, your best bet is tall duck boots, or tall rain boots. If you wear anything else, just say adios now. So long nice shoes, it was nice knowin’ ya.

Like…what, it’s 80 degrees.

The trail is easy to follow and there are a few paths heading off separate ways but the trail is well defined. Continue through the muddy mess and you’ll start to see views of the ocean, light at the end of the mud tunnel. You’ll soon exit the overhang of trees that is probably partially to blame for the mud and it’ll be grassy and dry from here on out. You’ll see God’s thumb right in front of you and the path leading up it. It looks more intimidating than it really is, as there are notches carved in to make it much easier.

It’s not so bad

The space at the top has beautiful views but isn’t too large. Two- three groups can be up there and still give each other some privacy but any more than that and it’ll likely ruin the experience. The lower meadow would be a good place for some snacks if you want to wait to have the place to yourself.

We all know the wind at the Oregon Coast can be pretty crazy, so use caution at the top as gusts are pretty unexpected and the drop off is pretty severe. With it being so grassy, the edges aren’t quite as defined as a rocky cliff, or as stable.

After the hike, Road’s End is a nice beach to check out, with a view of God’s Thumb.

View of God’s Thumb from Road’s End. Also the 60’s diner on the way out of town is legit.